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Mission Statement:

You Are Enough aims to promote open conversations about mental health 

and implement safe spaces within local communities where students can relax, recharge, and reset without feeling alone or stigmatized 

Hi, I'm Adison - the founder of You Are Enough. I started You Are Enough back in 2020 when all students, including myself, were at home doing remote learning and I noticed the toll that this had on my own and others' mental health. Mental health impacts everyone, regardless of gender, race, religion, or socio-economic background. I believe that mental health is often overlooked as an essential requirement of happy living, we have to continue to fight the negative stigma associated with mental health and this is one of You Are Enough’s long-term goals.  

As some of you may know, I have a very personal connection to the importance of mental health and reducing the stigma associated with it. My dad’s mother, my Grandma Sandy, unfortunately, suffered from severe depression over many years, which eventually worsened to the point where she ended her own life. My dad has shared with me that he believes that had there been less secrecy guarding her battle with depression, she could have activated a broader support network to help her. I never had the chance to meet her, but have heard many wonderful stories about her and know that she was an amazing person who would’ve inspired me and whom I would have loved dearly. Scroll down to learn more about what our funds are going towards and how we hope to make an impact! 

ABOUT: Who We Are
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All of the funds raised from You Are Enough will be going towards the implementation of Wellness Centers in our local high schools.  You Are Enough has been working to fund, design, and implement these throughout the year. This will be made possible through various proven mental health experiences and will be staffed by professionals in the field. Our goal is to create a safe space within our community that will provide our students with opportunities to relax, reenergize, and recharge. The space will be staffed by a trauma interventionist so that we can maximize the impact of the room for all students. Eventually, we plan to expand into underprivileged communities and get one of these into every High school in the country.

ABOUT: About Us
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