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The unique You Are Enough apparel was designed with the purpose of raising, spreading, and reinforcing the message for those wearing or seeing it that they truly are enough. The design inspiration is described below:

  • Both sweatshirts feature the phrase You Are Enough which is used with the intent of helping mental health sufferers who are depressed and often feel alone or unworthy of themselves. My intent in using this phrase is that it will encourage hope and strength and help more people to feel worthy of themselves.

  • The semicolon, which is integrated with the right side of the heart image on one of the sweatshirts, is symbolically used because writers can use semicolons to extend their sentences rather than to end them similar to how a suicide prematurely ends a life. As applied to the broader category of mental health, the semicolon symbol represents the importance of sufferers persevering with their mental health battles and extending their sentences/lives. The semi-colon use for mental health originated from a campaign known as Project Semicolon launched in 2013 with the purpose of spreading hope to those who have overcome mental health challenges or suicidal tendencies. 

  • The heart in which the semicolon is encompassed is representative of the immense love and support towards mental health sufferers. 

Thank you for your support!

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